Donate to the work of our collective non-profit of OCUEJ (Oakland Communities United for Equity and Justice). OCUEJ collectively supports the work of North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, Self-Help Hunger Program, and Phat Beets Produce. OCUEJ is a 501c(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

Oakland Communities United for Equity and Justice (OCUEJ)

The mission of OCUEJ advance health, self- determination, and restorative economics for disenfranchised communities of Oakland.


www.phatbeetsproduce.org/ocuej/  phone #510-250-7957

The three sister organizations that make up OCUEJ:


Phat Beets Produce aims to create a healthier, more equitable food system in Oakland and beyond through providing affordable access to fresh produce, facilitating youth leadership in health and nutrition education, and connecting small farmers to urban communities via the creation of a CSA, community farm stands, markets, and youth entrepreneurship.





The Self-Help Hunger Program was started in North Oakland by Black Panther Aunti Frances Moore. The program has 60 core participants of houseless people who show up regularly to community meals and who help to set-up or clean-up at the meals as necessary. Annually, SHHP serves 1,500 local residents and partners with 13 other community-based organizations.   Their mission is:

  1. To help the folks who are living on the streets,

  2. To provide a safe place to congregate,

  3. To share healthy and nutritious food for our community

  4. To provide a sense that the community cares

They endeavor to provide any and all human services that an individual or family may need to, not merely survive, but to thrive.  Through their work at Driver Plaza they are working to honor and care for our community elders. They don’t just feed the homeless, they feed the hungry.




North Oakland Restorative Justice Council (NORJC)

The mission of the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council is to empower our diverse communities to create our own solutions to neighborhood problems through the use of restorative justice practices NORJC utilizes restorative justice principles to respond to community violence. The group aims to reduce harm on all sides of the violence, promote healing, and prevent future violence from occurring.  


email: northoaklandrestorativejustice@gmail.com