Decolonize Your Diet! Workshop Series

This is a collaborative body of work from Phat Beets Produce, Planting Justice, People’s Grocery with contributions from members of the Catalyst Project.  It is a list of workshops we use under the framework of Decolonize Your Diet! The workshop are designed to complement anti-racist workshop series in a popular education format with a focus on the role racism and oppression play in the North American Food System and how to tangibly intervene.

These workshops are open source and anyone is free to use them for FREE workshops.  If you want to use this body of work for workshops that you are charging we ask you:

  1. Ask us first (
  2. Contribute 15% of your earnings to our fund to host free community events for Indigenous People’s Day in October.

Check out the workshops below:

Introduction to Curriculum (Decolonize Your Diet!)

A Chocolate Meditation

Defining Terms for Decolonize Your Diet,

*vocabulary list addendum

My Food Story, you are what you eat

Western Diet vs. Indigenous/Land Based Diet

Where are my roots? A history of commodity crops

History of food as a tool of resistance

*historical cards for history of food as a tool of resistance

What is the food system? Embodying food justice

Indigenous Food Ways, Reversing Colonial Diet Related Disease

Culinary Colonialism and Cultural Appropriation

Making personal commitments! Food as medicine


Check out the Decolonize Your Diet Cook here:

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